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I’ve Apologized But My Sorry Just Isn’t Enough


Prayer Request:

Hi, I recently got into a huge argument with one of my friends. She accused me of being two- faced and a backstabber because I accidentally told something very personal about her to another one of our friends. I say accidentally because I thought our other friend already knew. But Immediately after I had told her, I knew that I had talked too much. I wished that I could take it back but it was too late. I didn’t do it to be malicious. I even tried explaining this to my friend but she doesn’t believe me. She says she forgives me but she can’t trust me and that she will never tell me anything again. This bothers me because I want her to be able to trust me. When we’re all hanging out everything seems fine ( no hostility ) but I’ve noticed that she keeps it very brief with me. ( short and sweet ) and again, THIS ANNOYS ME!!! Please pray that our friendship will be repaired. That she forgives me. I really didn’t mean to betray her.

What are your thoughts? Any advice for this young lady?