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Torn With The Idea Of Cutting Ties With My Mother

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God has blessed me with many wonderful things recently, a wonderful husband and in March I will be giving birth to a beautiful son. But with all this joy I am dealing with a major problem, my mother. I grew up in a very poor household with a single mother and my sister, and ever since I can remember my mother has always used drugs and alcohol. My sister left to be with her dad at he age of 11. I was stuck with my mom. She was very abusive and had horrible people over all the time, she was either in jail or home to hurt me. Needless to say my entire childhood was like living in prison. Well now I am older now and I learned the power of forgiveness, I have forgiven her and we are making steps to building the relationship we should have had. But about a month ago, after I told her, with a baby on the way, I will not keep a relationship with her if she ever goes back to her old ways. Well not even a week after I said that she goes and spends all of the money that she had saved to come out here to Japan (my husband is in the military) for the birth of my baby on a drugs and alcohol. It broke my heart, to me that was her way of saying my selfish needs are more important than a relationship with you and my grandson. So I told her I never want to talk to her again. I forgave her, but I feel allowing her in my life will only hurt me more, and I will never allow our child to be exposed to what she put my sister and I through. I have been praying for guidance to make the right decision, my husband supports my decision. I just don’t know if my decision is a spiritually right one. Please any advice will be a blessing I am torn over this. God bless.

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