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Dana Goodrum is a single, Midwest mother of two, with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and a career in government, she seeks to empower women on their journey to grow closer with Christ.

Being Obedient to God’s Call Even When it’s Beyond Your Understanding

Being Obedient to God’s Call Even When it's Beyond Your Understanding

Trusting God’s Perfect Timing

Don't get discouraged if things don't move as fast as you'd like them to. Remember, God causes things to happen just at the right time.

When God Uses Our “Mess” to Bless

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me, your rod and your staff they comfort me. (Psalm 23:4) I sat in the parking lot, thinking of the last time I was...

If You Think You Have it All Together… This is For You

“I just don’t want to be judged”, she said, “I’m not like you, I don’t have it all together yet.” I smiled and thought... "by whose standards, because honey I am far from having it all together"   What is so discouraging is how so many people...

When God Turns Your Mess Into Your Message

The enemy uses our past to cause confusion and disorder in our lives.  He is the record keeper of the past. He torments us with feelings of shame, guilt, condemnation, and a host of other seriously awful feelings. He loves to remind us of things we...

Where is God During Disease, Sickness, and Illness?

I have learned that faith is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

Forgiveness is Not Always a One Shot Deal

One of the greatest gifts we are given as followers of Christ is grace. For a moment I want you to picture Jesus Christ on the Cross. Blood, sweat, and tears encompass this pivotal crucifixion. He bared the weight of our sins, even the...