10 Things I’ve Learned About Faith

(Hebrews 11:1)- Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I was raised conservatively (and that’s an understatement believe you me). I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten to college. I could say that I grew up knowing God. It’s only when I was in my 20’s though when I got to know Him on a deeper, more personal level. I used to know Him only in theory; according to what I read in the textbooks, until life became a little dramatic and I felt and understood that theory. God is love, He is nearer when we are heartbroken, He provides our needs, His plans are far better than ours.

Society is brainwashing us into thinking that when we reach a certain age, we need to be married unless we want to be considered as outcasts/rejects/losers. What a silly idea. My faith keeps me from following such folly. Faith gives me courage and boldness to take the path less traveled; the single life. My faith prevents me from becoming desperate and hastily jumping into relationships that are not good for me. It teaches me to see my worth not the way the world sees me, but the way the One Who truly knows me does.

Here’s what I’ve learned about faith and the role it plays in my day to day relationships:

Faith allows me to celebrate my friends’ milestones and achievements without envy, knowing that God is preparing the best for me.

Faith assures me that in my loneliest, in my pain, in my emptiness, God is enough for me.

Faith keeps my eyes on the reward and lets me ignore the obstacles along the way.

Faith keeps me strong when I’m about to give up and question God’s plans.

Faith lets me stand firm despite the discouragement and criticisms thrown at me.

Faith allows me to wear a smile on my face like nothing ever happened.

Faith also led me to other beautiful single people who share the same beliefs and are with me in this journey.

Faith makes me whole. My faith completes me. My faith makes my life better, easier and more awesome.

Faith keeps me sane in this crazy world.

How much does my faith affect my relationships and relationship status? Big time!

It’s not easy to be different and to make a stand, but that’s okay. I’ve got power in my faith. I believe and I trust Him!