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How Do I Stand Firm In My Beliefs Without Pushing My Gay Son Away?

Requesting prayers please. Let me start by saying that both of my kids are good kids. No drugs, Both are doing well in college, raised in church, Both have a relationship with Christ. But recently, my son has dropped a bombshell on us. He’s just revealed that he’s gay. I don’t approve of his lifestyle but he’s still my son so I love him dearly no matter how much it breaks my heart. My son is always welcome in my home. I don’t love him any less. The problem is that I will not allow him to bring his “friend” to my home or nowhere around me. I feel like if I allow this to happen, that I am saying I am okay with it and I’M NOT! But he’s refusing to come around if I will not allow his “friend” to come around as well. This Christmas we spent without him because he chose to spend it with his “friend”. Now he has just confirmed that he will not be at my daughter’s (his sister’s) surprise birthday party and I know it’s because of his “friend”. How do I show love without condoning his behavior and how do I stand firm in my beliefs without pushing my son away? I’m open to suggestions and please keep my family in your prayers.

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