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3 Prayer Strategies Single Christians Should Commit To

Pray for mentors:

In the movie, Elizabeth was spared marital failure because she finally allowed Clara to come alongside her, help her, and teach her how to fight in prayer.

At the end of the movie, Clara reveals her own failures and how she was now determined to use that to help young women avoid those same outcomes.

If you meet someone who wants to mentor you and has those motives, graciously accept those offers so you can avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Pray for Godly, positive examples of marriage and family:

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God, but there were people in the Bible who came to know God by the example that was set before them.

Ruth came to know God because of Naomi’s influence on her.

Rahab left a life of prostitution and came to the faith because she saw how God moved for the Israelites and wanted that for her own life.

So instead of focusing on what’s culturally acceptable (high divorce rates, poor attitudes towards marriage and family) pay attention to the people who are getting it right and hold out hope that God can do that in your own life.

Afi Pittman