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Why You Need to Fall In Love With You

self love

self love

While I was out and about last Saturday, I came across a Fall-themed coffee mug that said “Let’s Fall In Love”. Of course I bought it because I love seasonal decorations and the beauty of Fall makes it my favorite season. So I bought it with the vision in mind of drinking warm cocoa or a homemade latte on the patio in a blanket when the leaves start to turn colors and fall.

But that inscription made me think about falling in love with oneself and how many women actually do not love themselves. They dislike and may even hate themselves.

Before you decide that you don’t fall into the category of self-hatred, I want to share with you what true self love looks like.

Self-love is the opposite. And falling in love with yourself is the prelude to it. It’s powerful. It isn’t self-worship where you worship your abilities, your looks or your personality. It isn’t seeing yourself as better than others.

It’s the process where you discover and like the truth that you were designed to be loved. And self-care and self love are the anecdote to self-hate and self-neglect. It’s what communicates to your inner being that you are no less than anyone else. 

It keeps you from being involved with and entangled with people who use you and don’t appreciate you. It’s what tells you that self-care is necessary and not optional.

It is seeing yourself as God sees you.

So here are a few ways you can start falling in love with yourself:

Start working out or ramp up your work-out routine:

Once you start to feel better and believe that you look better, you will select clothes and put yourself together in a way that reflects how you feel. When you feel great, you definitely want it to show in your appearance.

Eat well:

A poor diet will make you feel awful even if you love the way it tastes. But giving your body the type of fuel that it needs to run each day is the #1 way to feel just as great as you look. Yes, eating healthy may cost you a little more, but I guarantee there are areas in your budget where you can cut back on so that you can afford the extra costs. And lots of healthy foods taste great once you give your taste buds the time they need to be re-trained.

Spend time with those who love you:

And that includes the Lord. I know that each of you has at least one friend or family member who adores and loves you just because you are you. Spend time around these people so that you get used to being treated well. Then find more people like this to surround yourself with so that you can pour into people who will appreciate what you have to give.

Let the professionals help you out:

I can do my own manicure, pedicure and hairstyles, but there’s nothing like treating yourself to professional beauty services. Find professional nail technicians, massage therapists and hairstylists who can help you achieve the look and status of well-being that you desire.

Again, falling in love with yourself is not a bad thing. It’s powerful. For anyone who’s seen the movie “The Color Purple” you can liken it to the moment when Celie stands up to Mister and says that it was time for her to get away from him and enter into creation.

My dear sister, if you’ve been neglecting yourself it’s time to enter into God’s creation by honoring yourself – His creation! Move away from anything that does not give you life and claim the life of love and abundance that God has already given you.

Afi Pittman