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Afi is a blogger and helps women overcome life, relationship and professional challenges.
self love

Why You Need to Fall In Love With You

While I was out and about last Saturday, I came across a Fall-themed coffee mug that said “Let’s Fall...
frustrated woman

Feeling Stuck? The One Thing That Might Be Holding You Back

In March I talked about getting unstuck. I really do believe that 2016 is somebody’s year for a breakthrough...
women feeling stuck

3 Things To Do When You Feel Stuck

As I talk to more Christian women (and women who don’t identify themselves as Christians), I hear a recurring...
waiting on boaz

3 Things To Consider if You’re Waiting on Boaz

3 Things To Consider if You're Waiting on Boaz Waiting on Boaz seems to be the common theme among Christian...
couple watching tv

Christian Dating: The Truth About Netflixing and Chilling

Am I the only one that's offended by the idea of being asked to "Netflix and Chill"?
group praying

3 Prayer Strategies Single Christians Should Commit To

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Don't be ashamed to pray about it. Here are some of my current prayer strategies that you can use as well.

3 Things I Learned From a Life Experience

When I was about 10 years old, God planted a dream in my heart of traveling the world. He...
Pray For Your Future Husband

3 Things Every Woman Should Pray For Her Future Husband

If you’re single, prayer for your future husband is a must. Here are 3 Things Every Woman Should Pray For Her Future Husband.