3 Things Every Woman Should Pray For Her Future Husband

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3 Things Every Woman Should Pray For Her Future Husband

As a single Christian woman who desires marriage, I can say hands down that nothing was more frustrating to me than getting bad advice from people who didn’t understand my situation.

  • “Stop wanting marriage and it will come to you”.
  • “Just be happy God gave you the gift of singleness”.
  • “Ask God for your Boaz”.

I’m sorry, but none of these has scriptural justification in every situation. David said delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Paul said if you’re burning – it’s best for you to get married. And Ruth didn’t pray for “a Boaz”. She met Boaz out working trying to survive.

And anyways – every single Christian woman is not a Ruth! Some are Deborah’s. Others are Lydia’s or Hannah’s.

Telling someone to pray for something that God may not have in mind for them… bad advice. 

But I’ve digressed. Many godly, well-meaning friends and family members really do want to see you happy, but they don’t really understand you or your situation.

Others caught amnesia and forgot all about the nights they spent laid out on the floor praying and begging God to “please let me get married before the Rapture!”

To the other extreme, people who aren’t thinking about living God’s way will give you advice that might get you married. But if you have fellowship with God, the method could cost you peace and could distance you from God. 

So what does a single Christian woman do when she desires marriage and feels like she’s not making any progress towards that goal?

I’m still single, but what I’m offering my fellow single sisters in Christ is counsel that I know works.

The best thing you can do to not only prepare for marriage but to speak it into existence – so to speak – is to pray for your future husband.

The one who just needs to find you so you can date, court, and then get married – in God’s way and in God’s timing.

If you’re single and desire marriage, prayer for your future husband is a must. If you’re not sure what to pray for, keep reading.

Here are 3 Things Every Woman Should Pray For Her Future Husband…

1. Pray that God keeps your future husband from counterfeits.

Especially counterfeits that looks good to him.

A male friend of mine told me that men want the real deal, but there’s a lot of counterfeits.

To which my question was “So men don’t trust their ability to distinguish between counterfeit and the real thing?” He said “Afi, it’s hard. There’s a lot of counterfeits. There’s a lot of them out here”. 

Ladies, men are moved so often by what they see. Not that we aren’t. But men in particular are.

…So pray that he’s able to distinguish between you (the real thing) and someone that is counterfeit.

2. Pray that your future husband is open to God’s leading.

I say it like this because your future husband may not have an especially strong relationship with God when you meet him.

Whether or not you need someone exactly where you are spiritually is a discussion for another day.

But every married Christian woman I know who dated and then married God’s way told me that they met their husband through a chance meeting.

If she or her husband had turned the opportunity down – who knows what would have happened. Maybe they never would have met, or the dating process for them may have taken longer.

Only God knows.

…So pray that he’s open to God’s leading in his life and in those things concerning you.

3. Pray that God is developing your future husband’s character and his heart.

So often we get caught up in externals.

We get picky over how a man looks, the kind of job he has, the kind of clothes he wears, the car he drives.

And as a result, we miss the true condition of his heart and character. A man with a good heart can easily buy new clothes if they’re outdated. Only God can change a man’s heart. 

John 14: 13 – 14 says that we can ask for anything in Jesus’ name and he’ll do it to glorify the father.

So you’ll never know the possibilities in store for you unless you pray for your future husband and pray over him in such a way that your request is for God’s glory.

…So identify what’s in your heart concerning your future husband and keep praying! Keep praying and ask God to speak directly to you and give you a fresh understanding of dating to marriage – in His way and timing.

Afi Pittman
Afi Pittman

Afi Pittman

Afi is a blogger and helps women overcome life, relationship and professional challenges.

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Growing up, I always had this dream about a tall man, with broad shoulders and I could just look into his eyes and instantly know he was made for me. I also had recurring dreams of 2 boys that were close in age and a daughter with long blond hair that I often saw myself brushing in several dreams throughout my life. I found out a few years ago that because of medical reasons I wouldn’t be able to have children, so my dream of being a mother was sucked out of me. Recently God blessed me with the most… Read more »

wow, lovely

Thank you so much for sharing your testimoney Amber. Praise be to God! 😀

Amen,he will give u a child like sara in the bible continue praying

Yes i believe…


AHAHAHAHAHAHA is this a late night infomercial?!?!

Quennie Dell Portes Sabellano

I prayed, left it in Gods hands only to marry a man that turned out to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. He is a Christian that talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. So single ladies…be careful what you accept. Know his true intentions are Godly and not selfish narcissistic ones!

OMG!!! I’m so in agreement with you. Be careful ladies. They play a good game. We have to learn how to walk in the Sprit so we can try the Spirit and not get lost in their words. Stay prayed up.

Yes very true…..this is sad

Am still praying too…

Growing closer to God and led by HIS spirit

I pray that there is a young woman praying over my son like this and that one day they pray for each other…

Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to be a wife and mother. I’ve been praying for these things for the past 17+ years and-nothing. I’m now 44 years old and because of health issues I’m unable to have children. Pretty much given up at this point. Not sure what I’ve done wrong, but, evidently, God’s plan for me is to live the rest of my days alone and without true love in my life. Guess I’ll have to be OK with that.

Don’t give up on God, He’s never late; He’s always on time. Be encouraged.

I prayed these things yesterday and now this article appears. Amazing!

Domanique Steele

Confirmation! He’s pouring out His spirit. People better choose this day who they will serve. I want to be on the WINNING team.


These Praying Woman posts have been 100% on point.



Wow, this just shaped my thoughts. I’m a single Christian woman who’s preparing for marriage to a man miles away. It feels right but after reading this, I gonna pray more about it and trust God more. Thanks for this. God bless

This teaching doesn’t leave room for God’s will in the matters of singleness vs marriage in a person’s life. He may want us to remain single. Jesus finished His prayer about facing the cross with the words “yet not my will but thine be done.” Please consider that as you pray, April Naylor Stephenson

It very important to pray for our future husband especially if u’re a child of God. My heart pains so my when I see the way my best friend is suffering in her marriage .

Single ladies please do not rush into anything that you will be sorry later on…..

Thankssss momy from the other side,, still waiting my man from God

Thanks Mom

I am fully agree….I am single and almost 50 but I chose to obey HIS words

Dear ladies Gwantwa Beno, Joyce Lindy Lesele & Pechler Monica ( am proud of you) …marriage cannot be rushed then later ending up in divorce…marriage is a sacred vow between you & future hubby and always include God to be at the center of every decision (big or small)…God fearing man is the best…God has a perfect soulmate for everyone…trust God He has the best plan for us…thank you dear ladies for your time…blessings to you three!

God has a tough job then…. because all the men I have seen are not decent and are definitely NOT Godly!

I really needed to read this, now I have a clearer mind set of what I need to be praying for.

It works,i met my Husband by God’s connection and He made it happen by His own way.

Laura Diaz I just read half way through this and I’m already obsessed ❤

Yes Yes I believe That You are a Supernatural God, Yes Lord!!!!

I pray for the right god fearing women for my sons too..

Veronica Valdez we were just talking about this!! Ruth!! ❤️❤️

Always remember favor isn’t fair. That’s how God blessed Ruth. ?

One of my favorite books in the bible, Laura Diaz. ?

Patti Tran yes I just re read it after my gf and I were talking about it on Sunday!

I can never read that book enough. The strength in all she endured. Its not by works. She was obedient and a God fearing woman.

Exactly ????

When your time is right Jesus please send me a man around my age that loves you.. In your time Jesus not mine..

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