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What Does The Bible Say About Being There For Others?

woman consoling woman

woman consoling woman

Who is a “Good Samaritan?” The Bible states indisputably that a Good Samaritan is a “person that goes beyond their comfort zone, engages themselves in the dirtiness of other’s lives and is willing to aid them in their extreme time of privation.” (Luke 10:33-35)

Although the good samaritan exemplified in this particular scripture is to be commended for his self-sacrifice for the benefit of another, I wonder how many people are willing to venture as far as he did for the well-being and advantage of another?

As we look at our world as a whole, there are unlimited opportunities to come alongside and aid people that are in need.

For instance, there are many people dealing with unemployment that need help financially, there are many people that are sick and need prayer for healing, there are many people that are “poor” as it relates to not being in relationship with God and need the Gospel of Jesus Christ shared to them so that they have an opportunity to receive salvation and the list goes on and on.

I know that it is hard work engaging yourself in the lives of others. I know you may be faced with some uncomfortable situations that you may not be accustomed to dealing with and I know that you may be even put in harm’s way.

Although the work of helping other’s is never an easy task, we must do something because if we don’t, we are going to be judged by our heavenly father.

People think that they have to travel to another country and feed the poor to do something great or noteworthy but something as simple as coming to the aid of a neighbor where you live, going by the homeless shelter and helping to feed the less fortunate or placing money in the hands of a sister that you know is struggling and needs help to buy groceries for her children, all of these are ways to exemplify that of a good samaritan.

Keep in mind, while doing this, your whole motivation is helping others, not fanfare, not a pat on the shoulder but simply coming to the aid of another because when you do this, you will receive your reward from God (Matthew 6:2-4).”

Without disclosing too much information because again it is not for man’s glory but for the glory of God. I remember working on a project for television and the assignment called for me to work in a club setting. The director that I worked with at the time knew that I was a Christian and he respected me as a whole and my beliefs. Loud music, the smell of cigarettes and alcohol filled the air. I could have let that stop me…

But I went into that setting with the mindset of how this could be an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those around me and the Lord afforded me the opportunity with the young man that I was actually Co-Hosting the show with. 

God is awesome and the orchestrator of all things and if I would have allowed my personal feelings and being in an unfamiliar territory to hinder me from being a good samaritan, then it would have been nobody’s fault but my own!

I implore you to always make yourself available to be used by God and to exemplify the good samaritan in different aspects of your life.

You never know that someone could be at a point of giving up on life and/or contemplating suicide and a single gesture in terms of praying for them, encouraging them, reaching into your pockets to help meet a tangible need or just being a listening ear, could make a tremendous difference in their lives because you chose to look beyond yourself and focus on the needs of others.

That is the epitome of Jesus’s ministry while He was on earth and what we should do in our lives to adequately represent Him.

 We must work the works of Him who sent me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work. (John 9:4)”

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