3 Steps To Break Free From Ungodly Relationships

Ungodly Relationships

There are many reasons you may be in the midst of a toxic, unhealthy, or ungodly relationship or in the process of getting over one.

A toxic relationship is any relationship that cripples your ability to flourish in God’s purpose and plan for your life.

There is one theme that has always rang true for me as it relates to toxic relationships: I did not seek God before entering into the relationship.

It was always a relationship that I chose because it lined up with my desires at the time, which were very far from God’s desires.


If you are currently in a relationship that is draining the life from you, your first step to break free is to ask yourself this very crucial question: Did God approve the relationship to begin with?

God only ordains or approves relationships that are designed to help us live out our God-given purpose.

Any relationship that does contrary is most likely one we have chosen and choose to remain in because of our own personal wants and desires.

If you are in a relationship that God did not approve, it’s not the end of the world! It may actually be the beginning of something very liberating, if you can find the strength to admit your error.

The truth will make you free, and it will begin to lift the burden that you have been carrying around.

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Erica Wyatt

Erica Wyatt

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Dr. Erica Wyatt is a single mother of four beautiful children, the author of "Striving to Live a Life of Purpose:My Journey from Teenage Mom to PhD Graduate,an educator, and a Christian Life Coach
Erica Wyatt


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