3 Steps To Break Free From Ungodly Relationships

Ungodly Relationships

There are many reasons you may be in the midst of a toxic, unhealthy, or ungodly relationship or in the process of getting over one.

A toxic relationship is any relationship that cripples your ability to flourish in God’s purpose and plan for your life.

There is one theme that has always rang true for me as it relates to toxic relationships: I did not seek God before entering into the relationship.

It was always a relationship that I chose because it lined up with my desires at the time, which were very far from God’s desires.

Erica Wyatt
Dr. Erica Wyatt is a single mother of four beautiful children, the author of "Striving to Live a Life of Purpose: My Journey from Teenage Mom to PhD Graduate, an educator, and a Christian Life Coach
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  1. The sad part is that you will only realise it later that it wasnt approved by God and you look at all the years, the children, the time that you spent trying to mend it only to realise they were wasted years. We need to pray for God to give us spiritual eyes and to guide us

  2. Bottom line is that God does not approve a relationship of fornication, period. If you’re not married it’s not God approved. If you’re married remember it is for life; God does not approve divorce and it cannot end marriage. You separate yourself if there is physical abuse, but prayer and trust in God can bring the marriage into alignment with what He designed marriage to be.

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  4. How do you know what a toxic relationship is &what is both persons are to blame?
    I’ve been with my sons father for 25 years I want to end it but he doesn’t see why I want to leave & it’s not easy but he can be mean at times verbally but I provoke him too Jesus take the wheel send the signs allow me to hear & listen to you

    • First of all, you look like you’re 25 (jealous) lol secondly trust in Him and He will lead you the way in His timing. That’s what I’ve realized in this first week of separation/divorce in all the shock and emotion. If we go by OUR timing the results will never be clear or complete, it’s always the Lord’s timing where everything will be brighter down the road. The devil is a liar hence the doubts we consume ourselves.

    • ♡♡♡♡
      Lol to God be the glory thank you so much
      (ME 25) try 45 🙂 shhh lol thanks!
      Peace Light & blessings… I’m trying to sit still & hear!
      Good luck to you too!

  5. I believe God brought us together but now that he left God to the side and became abusive, I’m convinced that God was protecting me as he left me last week to live a bachelor life instead of the Godly life he promised. Now we’re going through divorce and I’m counting it as a Blessing from God for my safety and well-being.

    • I’m going through the very same thing. I feel the same way as well, though it is heartbreaking & the biggest pain of my life. I hope that is the case, anyway, that this is god’s will. Im trusting that.

    • I’ve never met you but I’ll tell you one thing, we can do this sister! I have to put all my faith and trust in GOD before anything else. He will not let us down and remember HIS plan for us is always bigger then any plan we set. You got this 💛💛💛

    • Quitting is not always a solution but praying for your spouse can create greater chances of making things better for your marriages. Remember as we believers don’t have to act according to our will but God’s will.when you got married you became one.my sisters my advice for you all hurting is to devote your lives to reading the Bible so that God can erase all the pain you all have in your hearts.Remember the words of Jesus chrirst to us .PEACE I GIVE NOT AS THE WORLD GIVES.

    • So pray for that peace that we get in a midst of a Strong storm.Sometimes people offend each other not because they want but because they are being pushed by the devil.My sisters quitting will give the devil joy.Right now what you have to realise in your marriages is that the enemy is not your husband but the devil who came to snatch your joy.prayer upon destroying the devil ,he will flee and your joy will be restored.

    • Read your Bibles ,remember faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.Read your Bible for the word to dwell in you then ,you will have faith in God to make your marriages better.

  6. Just be aware. The minute you leave…the smear campaign begins. And they relentlessly recruit your friends and family and church and coworkers and even clerks you like at your grocery store to harass you into continuing to submit to abuse.

  7. I know any ungodly relationship is wrong,whatever it is.. the thought that God is not pleased with that kind of relationship, you should stop it and be free from it or else you will be a slave of it..the enemy is just deceiving you in this form.. PRAY so that you will have the power against the works of the enemy…PRAY so that God will guide you into all truth and He will give you Knowledge and wisdom to win this kind of battle…. Resist the devil and he flee away from you,abstain from all kinds if evil and think on what is pure,right,noble and what is right in the eyes of God…:)

  8. I totally agreee….our God is a faithful God, he will never leave nor forsake us. All warnings and signs are realeved with time. No one is obligated or responsible to stay in an abusive relationships. We all have the ability to be whatever we want through christ

  9. But When God is in it , it feels right. And when he’s not it doesn’t. God will send all kinds of signs and warnings. We just have to be paying attention and follow our heart and instincts. I’ve been through this and thank God I was obedient because I feel better and happier than ever now since I divorced

  10. I was recently dating someone and I just couldn’t help feel something wasn’t right. I prayed a lot about it than one day the God open my eyes. Thank you Lord. God was reaching out to me. Saved me.

  11. Been disrespected and walked all over despite all my efforts of making it work, tried many times over to fix everything and anything that I didn’t break, 4 years later, I realised I was giving my all to the wrong person & got no one else to blame but myself cos the signs has always been there. All was not in vain though cos I now know better and believe with all my heart and being that God will restore all the devil ever stole from me. Life goes on 🙂

  12. Very true. We should love ourselves enough to never let anyone disrespect us as we should have respect for them as well. Without trust and respect a relationship and/or marriage is nothing.

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