3 Straightforward Ways to Pray For Your Frenemies

praying for frenemies

3. Ask God what can you do to bless this person.

‘’Dear Lord, what can I do for this person to show them You care for them?’’.

“Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles’’ (Proverbs 24:17)

When someone has hurt me, at times; I feel like I want to hurt them too. Or at least, if they stumble, there is a part of my human nature that doesn’t feel so sorry for them.

I remember in grade school, I was bullied. The two most popular girls in school invited me over for a play-date.

However, I soon realized they invited me over as a cruel joke and at 8 years old, they told me, “We’re the princesses and you’re the maid; you’ll never be one of us.’’ I ran home crying and my recess times were spent alone for the rest of my grade school years.

After that, a part of me wanted them to stumble. They had hurt me dreadfully and it took me years to truly forgive them in my heart.

Through growing in my own faith, I realized that when someone hurts us (though painful), we need to not take joy when they stumble and fall. 

Rather we need to help them in brotherly love and show them the true heart of Christ. Doing good unto them as Christ has done to us.

In the end, when we face ‘frenemies’, we love them, forgive them, do good unto them and treat them with brotherly love. After all isn’t that what Christ has done for us?

‘’But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward will be great’’ (Luke 6:35)

Alicia Mckenzie

Written by Alicia Mckenzie

Alicia Mckenzie is a writer and speaker seeking to encourage women in embracing their calling to live in their purpose for Christ.

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Leave me alone please….thank you

Its true

But is 2ru

Jane Bornholm a good read and one to act out even though it’s hard to do. But with God within us anything is possible!

Hannah Magat

Great Advice


Great just take it to Jesus he will repay but we are to pray for enemies

I’ve had them live in my home, borrow money that I didn’t see again, make up all sorts of lies, and pretend to be the victim when it all fell down around their ears. God bless them. They will need it.

thank you Lord for continuing to keep my heart. help me to remain sober in all areas, give me immense courage, and help me do better guarding my heart. We are crucified with Christ, NEVERTHELESS I LIVE, yet not I but Christ liveth in me. Forever grateful!

So true!!!

When it comes to that god be testing u out to see how strong your u either stick with man r work with god

Very true.my family has a frenemy.when my mum and sibling’s were going through tough times.she always comes around.surprisingly, things turned around, she stopped coming and started cooking up all sorts of stories.

Experienced a few of them Being away with friends and acquaintances brings out the true colours in ppl. O my gosh how insecure can ppl get.


So true. There are people that envy you going to the beauty parlor. The truly dangerous frenemy envy you for having had parents because they didn’t have parents. Sad souls.

Syntiche Brenny Bittaa

well spoken

Amen to that ! As for me and my household, I’m gone trust in the Lord. Sometimes you gotta love people from afar.

Keep a distance

Say it. Very disappointing and unnerving when you notice those that you thought would be clapping have their arms folded.