3 Tips to Stay Encouraged When You’re Unemployed

1.    Discover Your True Worth

We live in a society where our worth is determined by the external. Our profession and the ability to bring home the bacon (well, in my case the broccoli since I’m a vegetarian) are tied to who we are.

During my unemployment I learned to find value outside of my bank statement. I looked internally for the things that made me wake up in the morning. I found other ways to fulfill myself, which allowed me to discover new interests and relationships.

My worth did not equate to how many hours I could put in a week, but how satisfied I became with my character and daily actions.

2.     Focus on Purpose vs. Paycheck

To be honest, I never liked the job I had to begin with. It paid the bills, but it left me stifled. When God removed the position I was able to see clearly what I wanted to do versus what I thought I had to do. I still had dreams and goals that had been nagging at me for years. So, I tried new things. I started and finished projects I normally didn’t have time for.

I sketched out what eventually became the layout for my first children’s book and I began to reevaluate my entire perspective of actually being happy in the moment.

My search for a career became less about finding a paycheck and more about finding my purpose, which never before had crossed my mind when I was punching a clock.