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5 Keys to Getting Through Trials and Tribulations

Trials and Tribulations

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A few Sunday’s back we had a powerful sermon from a guest pastor.

I must admit, every so often I looked at my pastor and questioned if he had told him all about my situation because it seemed he was talking only to me. It was  a powerful sermon to say the very least.

He spoke about how the Church should use the time of trial for God’s glory. He spoke to us on how to use the times of trial and season of waiting to meditate and experience what God wants to do with us.

He mentioned that God is the most powerful and talented potter and He is looking to mold us during this time.

So here are 5 Important Keys to Getting Through Trials and Tribulations


1. Stop complaining.

So often we complain about what we don’t have, what we’re not doing, how bad things are and blah blah blah! And in the midst of all that complaining we fail to know two important things.

One, that complaining is the devil’s favorite music. It’s like we’re praising him because it gives him wiggle room to come in with doubt, fear and anxiety. Stop giving the devil a song to dance to with complaining.

Two, we fail to recognize ALL that we do have, ALL that God has made us and how blessed we are to simply be alive another day.

It is easy to forget to praise God during the trial, especially if we don’t acknowledge that Praise increases our Power!


2. Get your mind right and have a clear and true image of who God really is.

God doesn’t exist to fulfill our will, we exist to fulfill His.

He is our creator, so He knows what’s best for us even when we don’t. God is a merciful, powerful and amazing God who works on us even through trials.

His will is perfect and allows both trials and blessings to strengthen us. We don’t need to know how He will do it, we just need to have faith that He will!


3. Do an inventory of your life.

This is the toughest for all because it is easy to pray about what we want but how often do we pray for God to reveal to us our faults and a plan to fix those faults.

A huge part of delayed blessings is not because God can’t do it or is just “teasing” us, He wants us to be transformed, renewed and READY!

So take inventory of your life. WHAT OR WHO have you allowed in your life? WHAT OR WHO occupies negative space in your heart and mind?

How do we release that?

Through prayer, fasting and you guessed it, more PRAYER!

The one and only counselor is ready to hear you out. Speak to Him but after you speak to Him, stay a little longer and LISTEN. Be guided by His spirit so that your actions and words reflect His will.


4. Recognize who offers you the Word.

So many of us have a roster of friends or family that we can call and talk to when things are great.

But how many do we have that we can call when we don’t have money, when we lost our job, when we need a word of encouragement, or simply when we need an ear to listen, but not to speak?

How many people can we call to PRAY with us?

To tell us what we NEED to hear, not what we want to hear?

Examine your circle and form a new one that pushes you to be a better person, that reinforces your relationship with God.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” (Matthew 18:20)


5. Keep your eyes to the sky.

This means both literally and figuratively. The enemy loves to see us with our head down, worried, anxious, fearful and depressed.

In his eyes, he has won. But the only time we should bow our head is to pray. At all other times we should hold our head high, in expectation of victory, humbled by the thought that God loves us and cares for us, and empowered by knowing that He goes before us, He lights our way and shields us from all that comes against us.

We also must work towards getting to that wonderful place we hear about, through our actions, our words and through building that relationship with God DAILY.

Times might not always be easy, but we serve a faithful God who is with us every step of the way.

Stay faithful, search His word and guidance, and in all things thank God!