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5 Things to Remember When Life Seems Unbearable


2. Stay in the Word

When things get tough, one of the hardest things to do is to find hope and strength in God’s word.

It’s so tough to open your bible and your journal. We tend to skip those things because we don’t “feel” like it, and it’s a huge mistake.

If you’re treading through tough waters, stay grounded in God’s word and his promises. It’s not just full of hopeful verses you can stick in my pocket or on your mirror.

It’s filled with stories of his grace and his strength winning through faithless people. When we choose to study those truths, we find the nourishment, the guidance and the hope we need.

3. Don’t be afraid

We have grand plans for my life. We write them down and make checklists and set deadlines so we can get there, but a lot of the time, life gets in the way and knocks us off our planned course.

God is OK with that because it wasn’t his plan to begin with. When we’re going through a difficult time, leaning on God’s plan is how we stand taller.

We have to know that we’re not capable of doing some things on our own, and all things work in his timing and for his good— even if we can’t see the end result.

God doesn’t promise that his plan is easy, but it’s beautiful, and that’s what we find hope in. Trust in that beautiful, chaotic plan and know that it’s meant for God to be