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6 Ways to Know You’re in a Christ-Centered Marriage

christ centered marriage

4. Intimacy (Regularity, desire = both satisfied)

This can be a touchy submit for some couples and many have struggled with intimacy at some point in their marriage.

Two great resources for those struggling with intimacy in their marriage are Intended for Pleasure by Ed & Gaye Wheat and Getting Your Sex Life Off To a Great Start by Clifford and Joyce Penner (NOT just for newlyweds, a great resource for all married couples).

God created sex as a blessing and a gift. He could have made procreation boring and routine. Instead, he gave us a wonderful gift that draws us close together as a couple. Sex is a deeply intimate connection, and the Lord gave it to us as a gift.

However, when a couple struggles with sex, it can pull them apart. God meant for sex to bring us together, not draw us apart.

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” ~ Genesis 2:24

A good sex life starts with good communication. When a couple cannot communicate well, they have a difficult time talking about sex, (what they like, what they need, whether they are satisfied) and unmet expectations can tear a relationship apart.

We will write more on this later but if both the husband and wife are not satisfied with their sex life then something needs to change! Communication needs to be enhanced and perhaps a weekend away is needed!