6 Ways To Tell If He’s The One You’ve Been Praying For

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6 Ways To Tell If He’s The One You’ve Been Praying For…

Many women have a long, detailed list full of the qualities they desire in a man, and sometimes this can backfire because there is no such thing as a “perfect” man.

There is however, a man who is perfect for you. The one God has selected for you.

When you look at your list of desired qualities, a few of them should jump out at you as non-negotiables. These are the things that you shouldn’t bend or compromise on.

Whatever your must haves are, if he’s the one, you won’t have to compromise your non-negotiables or ever feel like you’re settling.

Whatever it is that you desire, pray about it, and let God send you the one He has for you.

Single ladies, If you’re at a crossroad in your relationship and you’re not sure if he’s God sent, here are a few signs He’s The One You’ve Been Praying For…

1. His Faith

He has a passion for Christ.

He’s not perfect, but who is? He may not have it all together, but he’s a mighty man of God.

You’re not unequally yoked. When it comes to your relationship, God is first. He respects your morals and values and doesn’t try to force or encourage you to stray away from them.

This is someone you can see yourself marrying. He is someone who will encourage and instill the Christ-like values in your children.

2. You trust him

I’m not just talking about him being faithful to you. Although that is a huge part of the equation as well.

Trust goes well beyond cheating.

Do you trust him with your life?

Do you trust his judgement on important issues?

Are you comfortable sharing your goals and dreams with him, no matter how far fetched they may seem, and more importantly, do you trust that he’ll support you in any way that he can?

Are you open to his views and hopes for the future as well?

Think of trust like the foundation of the life you’re building together…if it’s shaky, everything else will be too .

3. He accepts you… Flaws and all

Are you able to be your authentic self 24/7 with him?

We’re talking bad days, good days, and yep, P.M.S. days.

He accepts you for who you are right now, not who you want to be and never tries to change you. He respects you and everything you stand for. Your past may not be a pretty one, but he encourages you to share your testimony. He doesn’t try to silence you. He’s not ashamed of you or your testimony.

We all have those sides to ourselves that we might not be too proud of, things we’d rather hide, and maybe even a slew of annoying habits, but you should never have to fake it in a relationship. You’ll know he is the one if he not only sticks around through it all, but falls in love with you even more in spite of it all.

4. He’s your best friend

I hate to sound cheesy, but the best marriages are the ones where the couple would count their partner as not only a partner, but their best friend as well.

They don’t just love each other…they like each other. A lot.

This doesn’t mean that you ditch your girls and expect him to cancel his weekly basketball game in order to go shopping with you.

It simply means that he’s the first person you call when you need to talk something out or have big news to share.

Additionally, it means that you genuinely enjoy spending time together.

5. Communication is Key

Everything is not always peachy in your relationship, but the two of you know how to respectfully disagree with one another and nip it in the bud.

You can tell each other the truth in a loving manner and be heard. You may not always like it, but you respect it.

The both of you love each other enough to move beyond your disagreements in a mature manner and forgive quickly.

6. You can see yourself submitting to him

I’ve talked to a lot of women in my years of ministry and this subject is always a touchy one.

Even though the Bible is straight forward on this subject and makes it clear that we are to submit to our husbands, many women struggle in this area.

But I’ve noticed that one of the most common reasons why women of today have a problem with submitting to their husbands is “they don’t think their husbands are fit to lead”.

This is the main reason we are not to be unequally yoked before entering a marriage.

This is also the reason, we should marry someone we know we can trust. You’d be surprised how many women will enter into a marriage with a man they already know they don’t trust.

Don’t get married with the assumption that marriage will fix all of the problems that are already there in your relationship.

The problems you get comfortable dealing with in a dating relationship, will become the problems you get comfortable dealing with in your marriage.

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