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Jonnita Condra is an inspirational content creator, curator of The Start Your Life Brand and author of Five Ways to Get Your Ideas out of Your Head.
How can God forget about me

When You Feel Like God Has Forgotten You

If you've ever been in a tough situation and wondered... "How Can God Forget About Me?" I have the answer for you....

The Guide to a 30 Day Fast from Men

A few months ago, I wrote the post, The Month I Fasted from Men and How it Changed My...
god ordained relationship

7 Ways to Determine if Your Relationship is God Ordained

Wondering if your relationship is God approved? Here are 7 Ways to Determine if Your Relationship is God Ordained...

The Month I Fasted from Talking to Men, and How it Changed My Life

As we approach the month of April I am reminded of the time I fasted from men for an...

When God Says “Be Still”

Sometimes you just need to be still and let God move!

Dear God, Please Make Me a Wife

"I asked God to make me a wife, but instead of making me a wife, He showed me that I wasn't doing my part."

The Day I Started and Lost a Job All in One Day

It was an early Monday morning. My work day started at 9AM, but the HR manager requested me to...