I Lost Everything, How Do I Heal?

Prayer Request:

Well 2 years ago Child Protective Services got involved in my life because of a deceitful family member. I never thought their initial threats would overcome the power of God but yes weeks ago the judge was against us and granted termination of parental rights. I did their classes, counseling, clean drug tests for the whole time but they didn’t care. They based their decision on saying I didn’t benefit because I don’t agree that they should take children permanently from anyone. I have a website that advocates prayer and standing up to Child Protective Services so they targeted my website not my positive actions of completely complying. So I now owe them over $3000 in back child support and I can barely leave the house from anxiety and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I never suffered like this until I sat through the court hearing. I don’t feel I can live without my children and never thought that false allegations could really go this far because I thought God would expose them and protect me. I used to work and be normal but now nothing seems normal as I see children and families everywhere I go it breaks me completely. Lost my home, children, dignity,career, credit , EVERYTHING! I feel I am living in hell everyday with no way to get out.

I believe in the Power of Prayer. Please join us in praying for this young lady. May God grant her strength to endure this difficult time in her life.