6 Personality Traits of The Proverbs 31 Woman

1. The Proverbs 31 Woman invests in her husband

Verse 11 and 12: “Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.”

This Proverbs 31 Wife invested in her husband. I don’t find it strange that that is listed first why because that’s how God intended it to be. She knew how valuable her husband is and how much he needed her to be a woman that builds him not and not tears him down, but a woman that encourages him.

Part of me believes he became the well-known man because she invested in making sure she built him up everywhere she went.

When she’s with her friends I’m sure she wasn’t talking down about him but instead highlighting his great attributes. She spoke LIFE into him and his life was enriched because of it.

My husband is a drummer, not only is it his God given talent but part of his ministry as well. It is what he finds joy and fulfillment in doing. My job among many other things is to build him up encourage him. There were times when he messed up on a song or at an event and felt down about it.

That was my clue to step in, and invest in him by building him back up to where he needed to be through encouragement, and sometimes prayer.

We are chosen not only by God but by our husbands. Investing in your husband is key to becoming a Proverbs 31 wife.

Saviela E. Thorne

Written by Saviela E. Thorne

Saviela is the author of "Seasons of a Woman's Life: Devotionals to Empower Women to Become Overcomers". She loves to encourage and empower women through her life experiences.

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Carrie Mcneese

He has taken shame away, we called women again. Loving this..


Praise the LORD!

So very true!!!!!!

Excellent wisdom it has been my desire since learning this bible verse at the tender age of 18 years old to become this woman as well as teach my daughter’s and all women I come in contact with Proverbs 31.
This bible verse is a gift and treasure from Our Heavenly Father to show his percious daughters how to represent the Kingdom of Our Heavenly Father here on earth.

Praying and Waiting ❤

nice one

Hallelujah Jesus

the looks is ok but the most important treasure we ought to look and see into/through is the heart(good heart that fears God).a good look and charm with a nasty and evil heart is nothing.

Reetika Raj Steffy M. Haric Karishma Kaur Preeti Rose Sarah Nathan Sonia Mathew

Amen and Amen ! Hallelujah !!! Praise The Lord !!! Thank You Lord. All Glory To God !!! ❤❤❤⚘⚘⚘

Amen, so true.

Thanks, Well now I no

Inspiring…thank you


Dee Roberts

So,true! Amen<3

31 is not a condemnation but a husband basking in the wonderful gift of his wife