Trusting God Through a Season of Singleness

season of singleness

Whether it’s allotting a few hours a day to browse potential Tinder candidates or venturing out to the local coffee bar more often than you should, finding “Mr. Right” is often top priority on any single gal’s to-do list. Infatuated with the idea that the man of our dreams isn’t far beyond our reach, we find hope in stumbling into the quaint coffee shop, committing to the right gym or attending the crowded party in order to land in his very presence. 

You name it–I’ve dated. From the habitual cheater to the nonsensical liar, my unhealthy enumeration of men could have planted the seed for a great self-help book on what not to do. Somewhere down the line, I started to view relational disappointments, starting over and self-healing as a part of the routine. Shattering heartbreaks led me to question everything I believed in, including God. 

How could the God whom I serve, permit the “enemy” to show up in so many forms? Why wouldn’t he give me the heads up that each relationship was bound to unravel and that heartbreak was just around the corner? 

I thought my last relationship was my absolute last relationship. I had become the hopeless romantic who had officially lost all hope as emotional abuse and abandonment had long substituted love and happiness. Longing to escape the endless cycle, I surrendered.

One night as I was lying in bed, I listened to a compelling sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes. “I am the LORD, your Holy One, The Creator of Israel, your King. Thus says the LORD, who makes a way through the sea and a path through the mighty waters.” Isaiah 43. 

There it was: the passage for my pain. In that moment, my worry subsided and I was fully comforted:

“He is one who makes a way despite the obstacles and all that appears limited to the natural,” Bishop T.D. Jakes reminded me.

The only confirmation I needed.

For four single years, I reveled in my journey with God. I had committed myself to reading the word, fasting, praying three times a day and becoming a helping hand to friends, family, church members and strangers around me. I felt reborn and settled in my new found happiness.

Like many, before being placed into the happiest period of my life, I had to overcome some of my darkest moments. And if there were ever any doubts in your mind – the devil is real.

I stopped blaming myself for the downfall of my relationships and became even less concerned with finding “the one.” I enjoyed the simple pleasures of heading to a movie alone and hearing the sweet sounds of “Nicole, table for one.”

The moment my life changed was the moment I began wearing my “singleness” comfortably and proudly.

I recently read an article that asked if praying for a partner was considered desperate. I’ve learned that God wants to be included in every aspect of our lives. Things we may find unworthy of His attention are usually quite the opposite.

Whenever we find ourselves amidst deep dark loneliness, it’s important to know that being alone provides us the opportunity and space to grow in faith and to grow into the woman God has called us to be. He will use us in our moments of pain to prepare us to for all that He has for us. Even when it’s difficult, do you trust in Him to deliver?

I remained obedient to His word and my faithful walk with God brought me the man of my prayers. He wasn’t the outcome of online dating or the fairytale movie meeting at a cute coffee shop. But what he was, was the outcome of what God had prepared me and healed me for.

God knows when you’re ready.


Written by Nicole Breeden


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I’ve been single for 19 years. It’s hard because there are moments when you miss that intimacy with a male companion. But, I trust God and His timing. And I know everything has a “purpose.” Waiting on God! Until then, I am enjoying my life with just “me.” I’ve learned that “a man” does not define who I am! I am “whole and complete” by myself. I’m loving “me” some Me. Hope this helps someone. For, I too, am “waiting” on God. Be Blessed my Sisters and Brothers!

Amen I thank God that am still single because I know my God is preparing me to be better when I get a partner

I really enjoyed your article helps me to go back and look again at my walk in singleness.

Tina D Silas

Great read bestie Holly Waitforit

yeah….trusting in God brings solution to all prblms.

I am trusting and waiting

Rowena Mondoñedo Pellazar

Hahaha thanks sis… God is indeed faithful to His promise Kaya wait galore ako. Love you shish

Love you shish?

I have been single a long time as well, but I was not ready and I am waiting on God.

Speak to Me Lord

Arshawna Sanders

Kally L. Blake

Love this!!!! Thank you Charlotte Kovacs

Wow I’ve really learnt a current situation thanks for giving me a solution to my confusion… God richly bless you

Janice Buenavista

So true mama Ger! ?

Thank You Lord for Your timing which is always on time.

True… Amen.

Faye SJ dito pala

Jasmin Becerra stay strong beautiful … HE GOT YOU BOO ❤️

Paul the apostle never married … and says it’s a blessing ,,,,,,,,

God makes you wait

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