When Letting Go Is So Hard

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference

I believe that if you are still affected by it, you haven’t fully moved on from it.

If it is affecting your well being, you need to let it go. I know, easier said than done right? Well look at it this way:

If you still hate someone who has wronged you in the past, you are still under their “power”.

Let go of hatred, and you release yourself from the prison you have created for yourself.

Let go of grudges, and declare yourself free from the other person’s clutch.

Let go of anger, and remove the other person’s power to control you altogether.

Let go of unforgiveness.  You are only hurting yourself more than your perpetrator.

Let go of all the labels you have unknowingly chosen to carry.  You are worthy of so much more than that.

I know that it is not easy for many to let go.  Sometimes the wounds are cut way too deep.  You may have been abused and betrayed by the person you trusted the most.  You may have given your all and now feel hopeless, full of pain and regret.  It is never easy to let go if the pain is still strong and the wound still fresh.  But letting go and allowing God to heal you is a choice you have to make every day despite your feelings.

The power to release yourself from the chains of your past is in your hands.  You hold the key.  You may read and listen to all kinds of motivational stories, but at the end of the day the decision to let go is up to you.

Let go also of the things you cannot change.  You can only control yourself, and change the way you are going to deal with what you can’t change.

You may be holding on to –your past, your anger, your memories, because you are unsure of what the future holds once you let it go.

Maybe that is the only life you know.  Step out of your comfort zone. A life of holding on to something that is only causing you pain.

You will never know what tomorrow awaits you if you keep holding on to the hurt of yesterday.  Take a leap of faith and let go.

Take ownership of your life.  Again.  Now.  Do not let people, life’s setbacks, your emotions, and painful memories own you.

Do not give it the power over your life.

Learn the power of letting go and letting God.