YouTubers Interview Homeless People In Atlanta and Surprises Them With $200 (VIDEO)


The generous YouTubers from GiveBackFilms are back this week with a new act of kindness.

This time, Josh, Kyle, and Andrew interviewed homeless people in Atlanta, Ga., to “get a better understanding of their life.”

The young men found an assortment of people, all with poignant backstories. Some of the anecdotes are difficult to listen to — but watch the whole video. Because in the end, they surprised their interviewees with $200.

The cash may not have been enough to turn lives completely around, but the gratitude was immense nonetheless.

“Take pride in what you’ve got. If you’ve got a job or you’ve got a home, take care of it,” one man said. “I don’t care if… it’s a one-room shack. Be thankful for what you’ve got.”


Written by The Praying Woman

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