3 Things Single Christians Should Know

There's nothing wrong with desiring marriage, but there are 3 Things Single Christians Should Know.

4 Biblical Truths For Singles Who Desire To Be Married

If you're a Christian who desires marriage, here are 4 Things Christian Singles Should Know About Marriage.

3 Couples in the Bible We Can All Learn Something From

Let’s take a look at these 3 Couples in the Bible. I'm sure we can all learn a thing or two from them.

3 Steps To Breaking Free From Ungodly Relationships

Don't allow hurt and bitterness to turn you into someone God never intended for you to be.

3 Steps to Healing a Strained Mother-Daughter Relationship

I was watching the movie 'Holiday Heart' and it inspired me to write this piece. In the movie, Alfre Woodard plays a drug addict who at one point even went as far as prostituting her young daughter for drugs. It was hurtful to even watch. I...

Praying for a Good, Godly Man

Never feel as though your desires are too petty to pray about. If it matters to you, it matters to God!

7 Benefits of Long Distance Relationships

Distance means so little when someone means so much.

How to Date With Holiness, Honor, and Humility

I was flabbergasted and a little shook up. About four years ago, as I progressed through the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye, I was flabbergasted that couples existed who waited to kiss until their wedding day and shook up because, if God commanded this,...

Ladies, Only God Can Change Him!

You can't change anyone. The only thing you can do is pray for them and let God do the changing.

5 Marriage Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Children Later On

Married life not only impacts you, it touches your children. By allowing issues to grow and by not solving them in your relationship, they could really hurt and in some cases damage a child’s view on relationships as an adult. Things like not showing...