10 Things Every Girl Should Learn from Her Mother



10 Things Every Girl Should Learn from Her Mother

Two of my greatest blessings have been having an amazing single mother raise me and being a mother to an amazing daughter.

I’m so grateful God used me as the vessel to deliver my daughter into the world and made me responsible for her upbringing.

Although I’ve had parenting challenges along the way, I wouldn’t trade this role for any other in the world.

My mommy title forces me to be a woman of noble character as consistently as possible. It’s critical that I am mindful of my behaviors as well as the words I choose to use.

My daughter examines my every move and patterns her behavior after mine. I am teaching her  things even when I’m not intentional.

The goal for every parent should be to spend more time being intentional. There are life lessons girls are required to learn from both parents, but quite a few should specifically come from her mother.

A mother and daughter bond is such a special relationship, there are some very specific things every girl should learn from her mother.

Here are 10 Things Every Girl Should Learn from Her Mother…


Written by Maya L. Ralston


Maya is a Relationship Counselor and Certified Life Coach. She loves using her God given gifts to pour into the lives of others.

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Praying mom and aunt!

learning to cook keeping a smile on your face and learning how to pray that is a good thing

Yes lord thank you Jesus

Ashley Hays

Yes and AMEN

Marina Maddalena

When going to article it goes blank.

I thank God for my ever praying mama,don’t know where I would have been without her prayers!!!

Go to college, get a career, support yourself because marriage is not all what it’s cracked up to be.


Lindsey Guillory

I pray I have done that for my family

Andrea Dalton

I am grateful to God for my mother and grandmothers example of walking in truth with a real relationship with Christ.

Praise God for a praying grandmother

DeAirah Robinson. I hope I have taught you all 10…. Love you!!

Absolutely ♥️♥️ xo!


Lanessa McCray Ferguson Tannisha McCray Smith Monique Mccray Tam Sofancy Mccray April Thornton Courtney Dukes

Glory thank you Jesus Amen

Do the Christian Thing

Trying to Do the Christian Thing, BUT….

In Due Time…