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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When God Asks You to Give up Something

Do I trust Him?

It’s a wonderful thing to know that God’s looking out for you. But that guardianship doesn’t just manifest in giving you everything you want, it’s also exhibited by taking away the things that aren’t good enough for you.

Giving up something we really don’t want requires us to take a leap of faith.

Our hesitation to let go of a sinful habit, move on from a damaging relationship or in some cases, give up on a dream when God asks us to, usually boils down to one thing: lack of trust in Him.

If you do fully trust God, then you’ll be better enabled to cope with cutting off what he calls you to.

Have you ever given up on something because God asked you to and then witnessed the damaging effects that could have been a reality in your life had you not?

We don’t have the foresight God has, but when we trust in Him we’re in safe hands.