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3 Things To Consider if You’re Waiting on Boaz

waiting for your boaz

3. Boaz might be waiting on you:

Ladies, years ago I myself did not know that there were men who prayed for wives.

But they’re out there. And although some women may tend to think that they’re single because the men they meet just don’t have it together, some men do and some are wondering where all the good women are.

Or, you may have met your husband, but he is literally waiting on you to get it together. He loves and accepts you but your emotional baggage is causing you to get in your own way – and his.

The best advice I can give you if you are struggling from unhealed wounds from trauma, childhood abuse, or poor choices in adult romantic relationships is to take a break from dating (from as short as a few months to as long as a year) and heal.

Healing brings clarity, and clarity ushers in new thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and behavior.

When those four things change you’ll be able to behave in ways that support your desire of marriage and family.

Ladies, Boaz was a great guy. But before you set your sights on waiting for “your” Boaz, just make sure you aren’t waiting for something and God is trying to give you something else.

Are you still waiting on Boaz? Pray and go to God concerning the matter and He’ll reveal what He believes is best for you.

Afi Pittman