Dear God, Where Is My Boaz?

Where Is My Boaz


Most women dream of that special day. The day she will finally become someone’s Mrs. forever.

I must admit, I’m one of those women. However, I must also admit that I have moments where I doubt I’ll ever find my Boaz.

Truth is… I was having one of those moments this weekend so I decided to read ” God Where Is My Boaz?” . This book tackles most of the questions us ladies have during this most dreadful waiting period.

The book got me to thinking… Am I the woman my future husband deserves at this very moment?

Am I putting my whole life on hold waiting around for my Boaz? I had to ask myself… Am I patiently waiting or am I so anxious that desperation has finally creeped in?

Ladies, if you find yourself getting restless and anxious instead of patiently waiting for your Boaz, here are three things you must understand.

“God doesn’t want you to have any man. He wants you to have the man who is truly best for you.”

Sometimes we stay in a bad relationship way too long and we allow ourselves to endure heartache that very well could have been avoided had we had paid attention to the red flags.

Red flags are God’s warning signs for what’s to come. Many of us ignore these warnings and then suffer later. If God is showing you who this person is, take heed. If something is unsettling about this person, pay attention .

Pray for discernment, but you must also be willing to accept God’s answer even if it’s not the one you’re looking for. Know when to let go of relationships that are not heaven sent and realize that just because you prayed for him, doesn’t mean God sent him.

The devil knows what we like and he will sometimes use it against us to get our eyes off God.

“You must forgive & heal, Then you can love.”

Use this period of waiting for your Boaz as a time to heal. Healing is so necessary. In order to completely love ‘the one’ you have to heal from any other failed relationships in your past.

Look at it this way, You deserve someone who will love you whole heartedly and unconditionally AND so does your mate! I hadn’t realized how hurt and guarded I was until I ran into an ex-fiance of mine.

All of the emotions and bitterness I once felt and that I thought was in the past, was now staring me right in my face.

Here I was in another relationship, yet this person still had so much control over my emotions, my happiness, and my well being.

“Your way isn’t God’s way.”

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I remember praying to God for my husband. I remember pleading with Him that if He brought that special someone into my life, I would even wait until marriage to have sex.

Well my intentions were good, but that didn’t last once the relationship blossomed. Then it hit me… I was trying to bribe God for something I should have been doing in the first place.

Being celibate before marriage is something that God commands, not something that we should use as a pawn in order to get what we want from Him. Understand that although the world changes, God’s word never does.

So embrace your singleness, stop being so hard on yourself, and let God do what He does best. It will be worth the wait!

If you would like to purchase ‘God, Where Is My Boaz?’, you can do so here.