5 Pieces of Biblical Marriage Advice Every Couple Needs To Hear

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Last year at our family’s Thanksgiving get together one of my cousins asked me, “So, what is the number one thing you wished you knew before you got married?”

And I had no idea what to tell him because in all honesty there was nothing that had caught me off guard about marriage after the wedding day.

“I don’t know,” I answered, “I’ll have to think about it.”

When my husband came over about five minutes later to where I was sitting with my cousin I asked him the same question. “Was there anything you wished you had known about marriage before we got married?”

He took my hand and jokingly replied, “That you were such a big Star Wars fan.” We laughed together, and he followed up with, “No, not really.”

“Yeah, me either,” I concurred.

Before getting married in May 2014 we read multiple marriage advice books together, attended premarital counseling sessions, attended a premarital conference and heard countless pieces of marriage advice from trusted family and friends including both sets of our parents.

We did what we could to prepare for our marriage, but preparing and actually experiencing are two completely different things. We thought we were prepared. But boy were we wrong.

Looking back now, I think we were as prepared as we could be, but no one can fully explain what marriage is without experiencing it.

Marriage has been amazing, but that does not make it easy. I feel presumptuous to even give marriage advice because I’m still a newly-wed, but I do know a little from experience.

Here are five pieces of Biblical marriage advice I think every married couple should know…

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Ashley Frerking
Ashley Frerking is a native Texan who grew up in Nairobi, Kenya where her parents were missionaries. She is the author of 'Mỹrwen of Amaranaca' ; a novel for teens and young adults.
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