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5 Signs It Might Be Time To Let Him Go

2. Too Controlling –

A control freak is going to keep track of whom you’re with and where you are.

Telling you what to wear, picking your friends, threatening to commit suicide, eventually attempting to control every aspect of your life.

Control freaks can become emotionally, verbally and physically abusive. They will check your email account, cell phone, or social media accounts, to see who you are communicating with, or maybe even track your every move by GPS.

If you can’t look at or talk to a member of the opposite sex without generating suspicions of cheating, this is a sign of trouble. Some find this kind of attention flattering. Don’t be flattered, be careful.

They want you all to themselves. You feel loved and adored because this person wants to spend all of their free time with you.

It isn’t that they want to spend time with you, they don’t want you spending time with anyone else. In their mind, you belong to them and time or attention spent on anyone else is a threat to them.