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5 Things to Remember When Life Seems Unbearable


4. Take it one step at a time

When those half marathon runners first start running, they couldn’t run 3 miles without stopping.

Eventually, they make it to 10 and 11 miles, but it’s difficult to find the motivation to go another mile, and some days, I bet they want to quit. Go another mile when it hurts. That’s how you get stronger.

When you climb out of the tough time, you’ll be stronger and you’ll look back on that moment and see how it shaped you.

Don’t give up because the pain tells you to quit and tells you that it’s easier if you fall. God promises perseverance to those who run for him and those that don’t quit when it’s hard.

5. Pour out your heart

Our prayers are most desperate and most honest when we’re stuck in a tough situation.

Every inch tells us to quit and to take the easier route, but prayer compels us to keep going. Prayer gives us a chance to talk to God and hear him push us onward.

God honors bold prayers that honor him. If we pray for strength and guidance through tough times, we will find God waiting for us, cheering us on and welcoming us at the finish line.

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