Are You Prepared For What You’re Praying For?

your career

You will not get what you want unless you work for it.

Your dream house will not build itself.

Your dream job won’t wait for you. 

Your dream of having a healthy relationship will not happen with the help of your fairy godmother.  Obviously because fairy godmothers only exist in fairytales.

If you want something bad enough, you have to get out there and work for it.  Yes, good things happen to those who wait but waiting does not mean do nothing in the meantime.

Work while you wait.

Learn all the lessons you can gather while you are waiting for your plan to come through.

Meet as many mentors and friends as you can while you wait for the results of your actions.  

Pray while you wait.

Grow your faith while you wait.

Give back to the community as a sign of gratitude for receiving what you have so far and knowing that there will be more to come.

Waiting does not mean you have to stop being productive.

You need to persist even during the waiting period.

You need to work while you wait.

Simply put, while waiting for the seed you planted to grow, you have to water it.  Fertilize it.  Remove any weeds that may have grown around it.  Clone it.  Otherwise it will eventually die.

Cloning it means making more of it.  Do more of what makes you better.  Diversify your investment.  Develop your skills more.  Seek for more opportunities.

Waiting for your hard work to pay off does not mean sitting around.  It may sound like more work and hardships but when you love what you do and you know that in the long run it will contribute to your well being, it becomes fun.  It does not feel like toiling anymore because you know it is for your own good.  It is for your growth.

Work while you wait.

You will thank yourself later.