Learning To Be Content In Any and Every Situation

content woman looking at sky

content woman looking at sky

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” (Philippians 4:12)

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to be content because we always want the new things out. The new phone, the new outfit, the new make up, everything new. We don’t necessarily NEED it, but we WANT it.

Life is never enough, we always want more and we always think that we need more. It’s kind of funny because I’m saying “nowadays” as if in the Bible days it was different. As if they got everything they wanted back then.

Paul was persecuted almost his entire life. He went to jail. He was left for dead. Can you imagine being left for dead? But still, he states in Philippians 4:12 that he has learned to be content in any and every situation.

Learning? Hmmm interesting. At first I thought…how can someone learn to be content? It’s not something that you learn, it’s something you are because you have everything that you need. But by reading this verse I started thinking… “what is it about being content that Paul has learned?” And then I got it…

You might not become content overnight. Because let’s be honest ladies… we can always find something to complain about, we always have something that we want to change about our lives, about our relationship, about ourselves, about everything really. We will always want more. Because this is what society teaches us. It’s all about having more, more than others, more than yesterday, just more period.

But don’t you think that Jesus gave His life for us for something MORE? Being content is more than a feeling.

Being content is knowing that God is in control.

Being content is knowing that you are where you’re supposed to be… and that you have what you’re supposed to have. (for right now at least)

Being content is putting your hope, your joy, your happiness in God and realizing that it’s not about what the world says we should have.

Being content is more than the world’s idea of success and happiness.

My sister, learn to be content in your singleness, be content in your marriage, be content without children, be content with them, be content in this period of unemployment and be content with your job. Be content wherever God has placed you. In being content like Paul, you know that God has your back. Even if you’re not where you want to be. Even if you don’t have the desires of your heart right now in this moment. Whatever situation you’re in, know that this too shall pass because you know that He is the one who is in control.

You might be wondering “but how do I learn to be content?” Here’s how:

Look around you. There’s always someone less fortunate. Try to put yourself in their shoes just for a moment. Don’t you feel extremely blessed?

Think of every stage in your life as your stepping stone to something greater. Don’t you feel encouraged?

Reflect on all that you’ve been through in your life. Think back to a particular time when you just knew it was over. You didn’t see a way out, BUT GOD… made a way! Don’t you feel comforted?

Read your bible. There are plenty of examples of the miracles which God performed. If He did it then, He can certainly do it now. Don’t you feel relieved?

Pray about your situation. Ask God to reveal certain things about yourself. Ask Him what it is He wants you to learn from this situation. Ask Him how can you use this experience to help others who are going through the same thing or a similar situation. Don’t you feel determined?

Your struggles will eventually become your strengths. Just be content right where you are and watch God work it out.