Finding It Hard To Keep My Faith

Keep My Faith


Hello Praying Women,

I am going through so much right now. I’m about to lose my home and have no where to go. Out of all of my friends, I am the only one saved.

But it seems like no matter how much wrong they do, God continues to bless them. Me on the other hand, try to do everything right but it seems like I’m getting punished. I often wonder if I were to go back to my old ways would my life be a little better.

It’s like how can I preach about how good God is when I holding back my tears because I really want to break down.

All I know is I’m tired. I have no more fight in me and I’m tired of seeing everyone else get ahead while I stay behind.

Please pray that my faith be renewed. I don’t want to give up. But it’s getting harder to hold on.