I Stepped Out Of The Will of God For My Life

African American man comforting crying girlfriend

Prayer Request:

For about three years now, I stepped out of the will of God for my life, moved in with a man that I was not married to and conceived a child. The relationship has been very hostile, controlling, verbally and emotionally abusive and manipulative. The man is the sole provider at this point, only because I haven’t been able to acquire work. I have no one I can go to for help. My mother in which I have a good relationship is struggling financially to maintain herself and has issues in her marriage. My sister and I don’t have a good relationship and she herself recently left her husband and is in constant limbo. I have a brother but he is in jail. Several months ago I contacted a reputable company and asked for their help “through an intervention.” I heard from them via email and gave them all the information that they requested that will help spread head the process and to contact me with the right people. The contact person told me not to worry but I have not heard back from that company. In the home things have become more strained because of financial difficulties, recently found out that mold is in the home and I have an 18 month old son and I have not been able to help the way I desire which have exacerbated the problem, and I believe that all this stemmed from the decision initially to sin as we did and all seems to be in chaos. I have sought the Lord and asked for forgiveness and have been real and transparent with sin and asked him to make me over and then use all that I’ve suffered for his glory. I am under an extreme amount of stress, want to move forward from this unhealthy relationship and start afresh with me and my son. So, my prayer request is that I will hear back from this company and they will help us with the finances and otherwise so that we can literally move forward or that the Lord will provide through a home and finances that will allow me adequately to take care of myself and have me and my son in an environmentally safe and secure atmosphere for both of us and, that is conducive for us spiritually, emotionally, and physically!

What are your thoughts? Any advice for this young lady?