Not Sure What The Right Thing To Do Is Anymore


My mom and I have not ever really gotten along.

I became a mother myself 8 years ago and since then my mom and I have only grown even further apart.

My mom married a child molester when I was a toddler. I never knew my bio dad. My mom’s husband and his dad molested me as far back as I can remember.

I tried telling my mom but she called me a liar and sent me to psych wards. I thought for a long time I was crazy, until I found out he would also touch my friends and even my younger sister.

As a teen I learned that he was actually convicted of molesting little girls. I moved out of her house at 14 yrs old and started my own life.

She tries so hard to be a grandma to my kids but I can not trust her alone with my kids. I feel that she does not have good judgement and I will not put my kids in harms way.

I am a Christian and try to be a good person. But many times I find myself hating my mom. She is always trying to guilt me into letting her keep my kids for a weekend.

She simply does not understand my point and sees nothing wrong with what her husband does.

I am confused, I do not know how I should be toward her. I appreciate she brought me into this world but I can not bring myself to have sympathy for her or any contact for with her.

What do I do? What is the right thing to do? She always tells me that I am not a faithful Christian because I refuse to let her around my kids….

Am I wrong? I desperately need advice. I do often feel bad and want to make amends with her but just can not.

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