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Prayer For My Daughter’s Strength and Healing

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Prayer request:

I left my marriage a little over a year ago. It was emotionally and psychologically abuse for me. For my daughter it was emotional, psychological and physical. We are still feeling the pains of the marriage, the lack of self esteem, the inability to see what is good, and for my daughter it seems to be a sense of “no hope.” She was and still is bright and beautiful. After leaving the marriage I learned a bit about what she went through. Daily ridicule and belittlement. She was told she was a failure and would never get any where and the name calling. My husband did the same to me but in a different nature. Daily I tell Heavenly Father how grateful I am, but I need him to reach within my daughter to offer her a sense of well being. To be able to speak out about what she endured, or to find the sense of well being to overcome any and all obstacles. Her grades are failing, she has given up hope. When we initially went to the police they did nothing. Since then she believes what he has said. “It doesn’t matter what you say or who you tell. “You are just a kid and no one will even believe you.” And when the police did nothing, she felt like he was right. Her inner pain has caused her to retaliate, give up on herself, school and her future. I know the pain she endures because he said similar words to me and I began to lose hope. Through this year I held on to my faith as hard as I could. And with each day Heavenly Father placed blessing upon my family and friends. My daughter is the world to me and prayers are powerful. Please Heavenly Father, continue to guide, protect and nurture her. Please bring my baby girl back to me for she is the world to me.

Praying for this family. Any encouraging words or advice for her?