Can’t Help Feeling Lost and Alone


Prayer Request:

Please pray for me that I may overcome these emotional disturbances in my life. I am a single mother to a 4 year old. Over the past 4 years, I have had a hard time emotionally dealing with the fact that I am raising a kid in a fatherless home(the same way I was raised) and it is bothering me to see her grow up the way I grew up. The only time my daughter’s father wants anything to do with her is when him and I are working on getting back together so time after time he walks out of my life and her life and I always let him back in just so she can see her father. Yet, when he is dating other females he forgets all about my daughter.. I know that he is just using me for financial means and since I am currently not in a predicament to help him he moved on to someone else and then rubbed it in my face which once again broke my heart.

I have attempted suicide several times, I often shut myself off from the world and even my child— And at this point in my life, I feel like my daughter would have been better off being adopted in a good home as her and I do not really have the emotional bond that we should have. I feel like a total failure to her, because although I may have not met every one of her emotional needs I was always a good provider to her, but now I feel like it is a financial struggle to do that, considering I have been out of work for over a year due to medical illnesses and injuries- I have tried applying for lighter duty jobs but no one has given me a chance. To make matters worse- I find out that my family home where my daughter and I reside is in foreclosure so soon I do not even know where we are going to be living.. I am just an emotional mess and I am at wits end with my life.. Nothing in my life makes any sense anymore, including myself… I get lost with my words when I am trying to pray- I get lost with my words when I try to express myself and even worse I have a certification exam that I need to take within the next few months and I have no focus—I just feel like I am living a blank life… xxHopelessxx

Praying for this young lady. Any encouraging words for her?