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Stuck In The Middle And Don’t Know What To Do

stuck in the middle

stuck in the middle

Dear Praying Women,

My brother has been going through hard times. He recently lost his job and is a single parent to 2 beautiful kids. He lost his wife 3 years ago suddenly in a car accident. Ever since then, he has been struggling to keep their home.

I can honestly say that he is actively trying to find another job and is a great father. I try to help him out when I can.

Here’s the problem… My husband does not approve of me helping my brother. He says we can barely take care of our own household.

My argument is that it is the Christian thing to do. Help others. My brother needs me and I want to be there for him.

Because of this, my husband has now become compulsive with checking our bank account statements and credit card statements to make sure I am not giving our money away.

This weekend, my brother asked to borrow money for groceries. We really didn’t have it, but I refuse to see my brother, niece, and nephew hungry, so I withdrew cash from one of our credit cards to give to my brother.

My husband had a fit!!! I’ve never seen him so angry.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it. I understand why he would be upset about me doing it when he has told me not to. But I feel like it is the Christian thing to do; helping others. (It just happens to be my brother)

We are not in need of anything, but my husband insists that the money I give away is for a rainy day.

My argument? If we take care of others, when that rainy day comes, God will take care of us.

If it were my husband’s family I would be supportive of him.

I don’t think I am asking for too much? I just want to be a blessing to others. After all the Bible says “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” To be honest, if the situation were reversed, I would totally expect my brother to be there for me.

Please keep my family in your prayers. I am stuck in the middle and don’t know what to do.

The Praying Woman
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