The Lost and Found


Not that long ago, I was packing to leave for a brief and “much needed” vacation. I am very structured and well organized and have a very meticulous system of where everything is placed and needs to be i.e. clothes, accessories, jewelry, and passports. My home front functions in like manner and it would appear that nothing seems to “bypass my peripheral vision.” I function at my optimal performance when things are harmonious and in its proper order. That is why it came as an overwhelming shock to me when I arose from my bed several months ago to get ready for this particular trip and I seemed to have misplaced my peridot birthstone ring.

This ring holds a tremendous “sentimental value” in that, it was given to me over twenty-five or more years ago by my mother. I remember it distinctively. I as a child, would go by this local jewelry store and oftentimes beheld this beautiful peridot birthstone ring in the stores display window. I really wanted the ring and when I went home, I told my mother about it and that I would desire to have it as a birthday present. My mother informed me at the time that she couldn’t afford the ring but would purchase something else. I was greatly disappointed and would continuously walk past the store hoping and praying to get the ring as a present.

Time elapsed, about a full year, I thought for sure the ring was no longer available but to my surprise, on my thirteenth or fourteen birthday, my mother took me by that same jewelry store, expressed to the jeweler her desire to purchase the peridot birthstone ring. I was so elated and overjoyed and thanked my mother for her extreme sacrifice and unwavering love towards me.

I held that ring so dear to me. I often cleaned it along the way. I rarely took it off my finger and repeatedly expressed my thanks to my mother. As I got older and would go and visit my mother, she would oftentimes look for the ring and see it on my finger and then make the response, “You really cherish that ring don’t you and have maintained it well.”

That is why when I seemed to have misplaced my ring, my finger seemed “lifeless” without it. I remember finally going to my mother later on and articulating to her my great disappointment at losing my ring. She responded that, “It’s Ok, and hopefully you will come across it at a later date!” That didn’t suffice nor relieve my frustration. I repetitiously searched around my house to look for my ring to no avail! This fueled my frustration and I said to myself, “Will I ever find my ring or is it a lost cause?” So, finally I ceased in my efforts to find my ring and I went on my vacation and enjoyed myself despite the great loss.

Later on, I was asked again by my mother, “Did you ever find the ring?” My response sadly was “No!” Time continued to pass and finally, the “wonderful and unforgettable day transpired!” I was going about my usual day “as normal” and came home after a long and tedious workday. I was so tired and wanted to do nothing other than take a long and luxurious bath to relax mind and body. So I started the water in the bath tub. I went to get my “bubble bath” to put into the water and then used my hands to manually distribute the bubbles around the tub. As I proceeded to do this, I noticed something was trapped in the “water drainage” area of the bathtub and overwhelmingly and too my extreme pleasure it was my ring! “Well look at that!” My ring, All along it was sitting in the water drainage area of the tub. Luckily, my tub has a plastic strip inside the drainage area and that kept it from going down the drain.

I am so thankful that after much searching, tears and frustration that what was “lost is now found” and I leave these few words of inspiration. “Never give up! Keep on searching whatever “that” maybe. I was searching for my ring, what are you searching for? Whatever it is at the appointed time it will “manifest itself” (Luke 15:8, 9, NKJV).” Don’t be discouraged at the time that have elapsed, don’t be discouraged at the obstacles that you may encounter or don’t even be discouraged at the level of frustration that you may feel because feelings aren’t reliable. Just keep moving forward and don’t stop until you acquire what you been looking for because it is a beautiful feeling to come out victorious on the other side!”

By: Jennifer Workman

9f8808b47a785654f040e9292d75c9afJennifer is a full-time Freelance Writer, Inspirational Speaker, Web Designer, Published Editor and Broadcaster. Her work has appeared on websites such as Highways Byways Ministry to Incarcerated, Simply Victorious Ministries and the State Newspaper.