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Broken Home and Broken Hearts


Prayer Request:

I have been with my husband for nine years. Through out that time he has cheated on me. He has caused me both physical and emotional abuse. We fought every day and I don’t remember ever being happy with him, but I stayed because we have kids together. I wanted them to have their dad around. Never realizing how much we were actually hurting them. I held on to the hope that one day he would change, that everything would be okay, but about a month ago he walked out and we haven’t seen him since. He doesn’t help with anything. He left me in huge debt. He left not one dollar and I didn’t have a job. The worse part is that he doesn’t call or see his kids at all. I know he is fine but I kinda wish he wasn’t. I don’t hurt for him, but it hurts to see my kids hurt and know he’s out having a blast. He has no responsibilities and I feel like the weight of the world is all on my shoulders. I have faith everything will be okay and feel like this is happening for a reason but it’s still hard not to feel mad or hurt. Please pray for healing.

Praying for this young lady. Any advice for her?