This Thing Called PURPOSE!!!

woman with purpose

I bumped into this quote by Iyanla Vanzant and had to get on here to say something, simply because as simple as her words are, they are beautiful, cathartic and a reminder of just how much we don’t need to toil as much as we do to understand the reason for our existence in the world we live in today…

“Everybody has a purpose because everything God does is purposeful, and God is in everybody. And when we start paying attention, those purposes will all come together and it will blossom into something phenomenal for the planet. And it’s happening, it really is happening.”

Now this statement captivated me, merely because I have been on an active campaign to discover my true purpose I’d say since becoming a mother. None of that “I’m here to raise global leaders in my kids and be a world changer” type stuff because I am of the belief that we all possess generalised ambitions or an idea of what our purpose really is. Needless to say, a few friends of mine and I have embarked on a journey which encompasses not only the daunting task of discovering our authentic selves, but inspiring the concept of purpose in other people, particularly women. It’s amazing when we get to brainstorming, how ideas flow, how concepts are birthed, how creative prowess takes over and God himself begins to download from the palm of His Hand, a vision that in our own strength, CANNOT BE ACHIEVED…BUT WITH GOD…ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE and PURPOSE IS FOUND.

Yes ma’am….”everything God does is purposeful, and God is in everybody” When God created you and me He had in mind perfection, because PERFECTION IS THE VERY DESCRIPTION OF WHO GOD IS, a description that cannot be contested nor contended with. So why then do we struggle to see and understand that the very answers to life’s questions dwell within ourselves because “God is in everybody.” The world has all kinds of twisted explanations of who GOD is. In the advent of false prophets and churches running on the “miraculous” I dare say there are all kinds of misnomers that have become embedded on the psyche of church congregants and the non-religious/spiritual alike. The truth is, each of us could and should seek God for ourselves and by seeking I mean make every effort to commune with him. With establishing that vertical connection, with prayer, supplication, dwelling on His WORD – therein lie the answers to the purpose question, the answers to every question pertinent to life, relationships, making it, getting up and moving on. So…whilst I’m etching closer and closer to finding and operating in my life’s purpose; the sure way of reaching my intended destination is to do exactly that – maintain my vertical relationship with HIM, pray, supplicate and seek to understand WHAT HE IS SAYING. And you know what….”it’s happening, it really is happening.”

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