“What If” or “Oh Well”


I was on my way home this morning when I passed by a man sitting in a wheelchair by the gate of their house.  He had this look of yearning in his eyes as he watched the world pass by.  

“What if?”

Two simple words but often so  full of regrets .  What if you tried harder?  What if you risked a little more?  What if you did not let your fear stop you from pursuing your dreams?  What if you fought for something you wanted instead of giving up so easily?

Ten years from now, will you  look back at your past and regretfully say  “what if” or will you look back, knowing you gave it your all and say “oh well” … “At least I tried. God had other plans. I trust His will.”

If only life is as easy as following an arrow that points to where you should go.  But life is full of forks in the road.  You either take the road less traveled or create your own path and face the consequences of either choice you make.  Yes, each choice you make has a consequence.  You lose some you gain some.  It’s written all over the face of the earth and physics explained it by this statement:  In every action, there is a reaction.

In every decision you make, ask yourself if you are willing to live with the result.  Are you that determined to achieve a dream that you are willing to sacrifice living away from your loved ones for a long time?  

Are you sure about a relationship with this special someone that you are willing to sacrifice a few friendships to fight for it?

Are you sure about this investment that you are willing to put in all your life’s savings into it?

If your answer is yes and everything does not work out the way you expect, be ready for the “Oh, wells” of life.

Oh well, at least now I know it was not worth the sacrifice.

Oh well, it was difficult but it sure was worth the try.

Oh well, charge it to experience.

How about you?  What are your what ifs?  If you are still breathing,  if you are still able, if you still have the time, don’t wait for life to pass you by.

Do something you have always wanted to do.  It does not have to be grand. Just something God has placed in your heart to do. Think about that man in the wheelchair, or all those who are limited to do what you can because of their physical challenges.

Dance while you can. ( even if you don’t think you can)


Follow your dreams.


Create a bucket list.

Love unconditionally.

Strive to live a life that is pleasing to God and when you grow old and gray, you can look back with a smile on your face, a heart full of joy and say, “Oh well” instead of  regretfully saying, “What if”.