When Guilt And Shame Consumes Us


Guilt and shame are two of Christian’s biggest enemies. They slither into our lives taking our joy, our confidence and hindering our relationships. We try hard to ignore them hoping they will just leave us alone but they only become a heavier weight to bear.

Guilt and shame are the voices in our heads that tells us we are not doing enough for God, for our family or job. They are the voices that scream at us telling us to believe that everything that goes wrong is somehow our fault. They spew the lies: If you only would have done this more, if you would have stopped that, if you would have been more of this or that, things would not be so bad. Things are bad because you are bad.

When we believe those lies we try to work harder, to be better and achieve more to silence the guilt that torments us day and night and the shame that presses down on our souls so heavy we lose motivation and don’t know how we will get back up.

Blow after blow we suffer through the guilt and shame. Many times we plaster a smile on our faces and tell everyone “I’m fine” as we are slowly robbed of our peace and joy.

There is no room for guilt and shame in the woman’s life but if we believe we can work it away or simply try harder we are fighting a losing battle. We are then playing right into the trap set out for us.

Guilt and shame expose our weakness, sin, hurt and pain. They force us to look at ourselves and how bad we are or what bad has been done to us. Guilt and shame only thrive in sin so they blind us from seeing the saving work Jesus did on the cross. It was there Jesus completely overcame sin and the guilt and shame that follow.

When you place your faith in Jesus Christ, God no longer sees your sin, He only sees His Son. And because of that He delights in you and rejoices over you. God may convict you, meaning He will show you areas you need to change but He will always empower you to do so by His grace. Guilt and shame on the other hand want us to only look at our sin hopelessly to distract us from the work of Jesus. It’s a trap. Romans 8:1 tells us “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (

Conviction from God pushes us to look to Him for help. Guilt and shame push us away from God. Conviction is God’s call for us to return to Him because He loves us and desires us. If you feel God is mad at you, looking down at you from heaven waiting for you to get your act together; that is not God. That is Guilt. That is shame. God went through extreme measures to rid you of the guilt and shame that disconnects you from Himself. He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die so we might be free of guilt and shame and fellowship with God freely. He did not do all of that only to push you away. Anything that pushes you away from God is not of God, especially guilt and shame.

God’s purpose is not to show you how wrong you are, it’s to have a personal flourishing and healthy relationship with Him. Guilt and shame may be knocking on your door today but Jesus has already answered. For the Christian woman, Jesus Christ will expose guilt and shame for what they really are: powerless.

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