4 Words That Stop Fear Every Time

stop fear

stop fear

Sometimes fear sets in spewing it’s ugly lies into our minds and hearts. You know the ones:

What if this doesn’t work out

What if this year is just going to be another failure . .  .

What if I mess up . . . again

What if they say no

What if I try and look stupid

I’m not strong enough to get it right 

I’m not smart enough to give my opinion

I can’t do this as well as her

I can’t stop doing this wrong

I won’t ever get this right

I won’t see this dream come to pass 

What if ___________

I’m not ___________

I can’t ____________

I won’t ____________

If fear has been in your ear recently you won’t have any problem filling in the blanks above.

These thoughts are not here to warn or protect you. Quite the opposite. They are here to stop you from receiving all that God has for you. Their mission is to discourage, paralyze, and destroy. We can’t let that happen. We won’t let that happen.

We must stop listening to fear and stop having conversations with the enemy. We do not negotiate with terrorist. We should stop listening to the voices who’s sole purpose is to trick us into fear and the insecurity, doubt, and worry that follows.

We must fight fear with the truth. And I’ve learned 4 simple words to stop fear in its tracks every time. You may need to whisper them to yourself in your heart or proclaim them loudly throughout your home. Either way, fear won’t have a chance when you boldly proclaim these 4 words:

I Trust You Lord!

You have a choice this year. You can trust God or you can entertain fear. But Beloved you simply can’t do both.

I want you to say these words right now: I trust You Lord.

I can feel the fear retreating right now!

If we really want to give fear a complete knock out punch we’ll do more than just say “I trust You Lord“. We’ll take it a step further and believe that our God is actually trustworthy.

We must believe that the One who formed us in our mothers wombs and had a purpose and plan for our lives before we were born will order our steps and finish what He’s started in us and our lives.

We must trust that the God who sacrificed His only Son so we my know Him loves us more than enough to provide for our cares and needs.

We must have the faith that the God who heals the sick, comforts those who are hurting, and restores the lost is also fully capable to handle the impossible you are facing today and every day to come.

If we boldly proclaim “I trust You Lord” what can fear say when God is greater than fear? It’s time we put fear in its place this year. It’s time we stop letting fear control us and be lead by the Lord who is sovereign over all. It’s time we stop listening to the lies of fear and let our fears know the truth: I trust You Lord.

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