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When It’s Hard to Trust God’s Will

trust God's Will

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I don’t know about you, but many times in my life I have struggled to accept God’s truth. Of course it’s my desire to live as He wants me to. However, over time I’ve discovered how easily we can become blind to His will as a result of our own wants and needs.

Maybe there is something you have been working a long time to achieve. Instead of the journey being rewarding and fruitful, it’s frustrating and not getting you anywhere. If that’s so, I encourage you to look past your situation.  

The more I live, the more I’m starting to realize that God’s will for us are often very contrary to our own.

You might be asking:

but why?

and how?

As human beings, we operate day to day from a very limited point of view–namely, our own. This makes it difficult for us to operate outside of our own wants and needs, and not always focus on a way to satisfy them.

For these reasons, I can see why we’re very prone to the sin of selfishness, and how this can cause God’s and our will to be unaligned.

But now that I’ve realized this, I’m constantly wondering: what can I do to change this? How could I have not wasted almost two years of my life trying for the full time office job I was never meant to have?

As children of God, we can learn to accept His rewarding truth in our lives by

1.) Spending daily time in God’s word.

2.) Praying obedience over our lives.

3.) Praying for God to show us the areas we’re currently struggling to accept His truth.

If I could go back in time, I would do these three things daily before graduating and going out into the world.

Isaiah 55:9 says…

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

God doesn’t have a limited view like we do and because He’s working for the good of all His children at once, our obedience is required for His blessings to be extended to others.

We have to allow ourselves to be used and be a blessing to others. Just as He has used others to be a blessing to us. This means we must die to our flesh daily, trusting that His will is best.

My hope and prayer is that you are now encouraged to seek God’s will in your own lives, no matter how difficult it is to accept. Trust Him.

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