Living Out Your Purpose In Life Is Not Always Easy

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Once we know our God given purpose, it begins to take control of our lives. Some may think they understand it or that they are living it out, yet they lack the insight and connection with God to truly understand it.

Passion and purpose are often used interchangeably, yet they are two different things. Many may have passion for something and it’s not their God given purpose.

Passion by itself may drive you in circles doing any and everything to make that passion turn into success. While God may allow you to have some success because of your hard work, you still wonder what’s missing. Why am I working so hard yet getting so little return?

God’s purpose for our lives is the reason why we were put here on this earth; knowing your purpose can cause you to have passion to fulfill God’s will for your life.

It is not the passion that leads you to frantically do any and everything to make things happen. But the steady burning passion that allows you to seek God & allow Him to order your steps. It surpasses the doubts of the enemy & others in peace, it surpasses the inner and outside nudges from others to do things outside of Gods timing, and it creates calm in the midst of confusion realizing that…. it’s just a step.

When we place our trust in God while living out our purpose, He leads us to places and people where opportunities and relationships are formed for impact that glorifies Him.

Your discernment takes over and gives you the peace to NOT allow anything or anyone to get in the way or distract you from pursuing your purpose. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong, it just doesn’t fit.

What we must understand is that there will be opposition and a time that you feel like no one understands; for the most part…. they don’t! God gave you the vision, not them and unless they seek God to help them understand your vision and how they can help, they won’t fully get it until it’s time.

So don’t be alarmed when attacks come or your faith is tested, remain true to your purpose and the Holy Spirit that dwells in you.

When we begin to allow purpose & passion to work together the right way, God shows us that success is not measured by likes, events, status, degrees, accolades or even financial wealth.

We should never let it be the overall indicator of success. All the money and things in the word won’t give you the peace that surpasses understanding. Godly success is measured by knowing you are doing what you are called to do right now for Gods will to be fulfilled.

Sometimes that means learning and growing on a socially deemed “lower level”, so that you will know what to do to sustain “elevated success”.

You may be asking “So does God does not want us to have financial blessings AND success?”…… No, I’m not saying that at all. I’m simply stating that it will happen when God knows we are ready, the timing is right and He knows you will use them both to glorify Him.

When a life is purpose driven the journey glorifies God and not the person. Nor does it compare, discredit or compete with others.

Above all, don’t forget to pray about it. God will guide you and reveal things to you that may be sketchy right now.

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