There is Purpose in Your Pain

Purpose in Your Pain

Purpose in Your Pain

There are times in life where we believe we are doing all the right things and suddenly….. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE..

The first question I always found myself asking when these things happened was God, why? or why me? What did I do to deserve THIS? How did I get here? Where did I go wrong?

These questions arose even in times when I knew that God had warned me about what I had gotten myself into.

Then I came to the point in life that many of us come to… I finally began to examine myself and seek God for His will for my life.

Devastating times in our lives will cause us to seek God and the reason for the devastation.

There are times we may bring these things on ourselves and then expect God to turn it around.

Other times there are things that are simply out of our control, yet God still allows them to happen just as He did with Job. The Bible describes Job as a blameless and upright man, but God still allowed satan to test Job’s faithfulness to God.

In everything that God allows there is always purpose, it is up to us to seek the purpose of our pain.

This pain often reflects things in us that He needs us to see and ask for assistance to change in order for us to move towards the place He wants us to be.

Gods work in us is a process that we all must endure, even when we think we have it down to a science there is always an opportunity for greater.

In the turbulent times of my life God has shown me how to truly love myself and how to truly love others.  This vulnerability to love is not necessarily putting yourself in dangerous situations, but being considerate of others feelings and praying for God’s will to be done in everyone’s life.

Even if that means you don’t get what you think you want. God’s reason for this is to cultivate trust in Him and love in our hearts.

Today’s norm is to be self-centered only thinking of how things affect our own lives even though God has commanded us to love Him, love ourselves and love others.

God has shown me that I have been forgiven…. so who am I not to forgive others? Most importantly He urged me to pray for them, not in a sense of they are evil and they need prayer, but they are human God help them with their hurt.

It’s been said often that hurt people hurt other people and I have found that to be very true.

When you pray for people it is hard to stay mad at them and while you forgive them you set them and most importantly yourself free from any anger or judgment you may have been holding onto. Contrary to popular belief forgiveness is never a sign of weakness, but a sign of your strength in the Lord.

The important thing to always remember is although God does not cause everything to happen, He allows it.

And if it is something bad He will use it to work out for your good. To grow you in a certain area, to deliver a testimony to others, and to prepare you for the next level that He wants to take you to.

Never curse the path that you have taken. We have all made many mistakes but God allows us another chance to allow Him to lead and prepare us for the blessing that He has already prepared.

Your current situation is only preparation for where God wants to take you next, the sooner we realize this about our journey in life the easier it is to let go of people, jobs, and how we think things are supposed to happen.

All these things add to happiness in some form, but they can never replace the free gifts of joy and peace that God freely gives, even in the midst of a storm.

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