4 Do’s and Don’ts of Moving on From Bad Relationships

Never let a bad relationship bring out the bad in you.

3 Qualities To Look For in a Godly Man

Your relationship with a Godly Man should add to your relationship with God, not take the place of it.

3 Amazing Lessons Esther Teaches Us About Waiting, Dating, and Marriage

The biblical story of how Esther became queen is quite interesting. King Ahasuerus threw an extravagant party that lasted for several days. On the last day of the party he called for Queen Vashti to wear her crown and walk around for everyone to...

5 Clues He’s Not The One God Has For You

If there's an unsettling feeling burning in your soul, it may be a sign that he’s not the one God has for you.

3 Things You Must Do If You Want To Move on From “Dead End” Relationship

I remember being in the bookstore a few years ago as I was looking for another book on how to breakthrough my singleness journey of dead end relationship after dead end relationship. It was at that moment when I saw a book with this...

And God Said…”So You Want to be Married Huh?”

Many young girls are taught at some point in their lives that Prince charming is going to come along and sweep them off their feet. Then there are those who envision their wedding day from the time they are old enough to dream about marriage....

Christian Singles: When The Bad Outweighs The Good in Your Relationship

If The Bad Outweighs The Good in Your Relationship, it's time to decide whether to go to the next page or just close the chapter.

Would You Date You?

It’s a simple question, but I didn’t have a simple answer. I sat on my bed pondering that question over and over in my mind. After an hour, I came to a conclusion. The answer was no. It was a question that I posed...

5 Prayers to Fireproof Your Marriage

Marriage is not always easy. You have to pray for it and work for it! Here are 5 Prayers to Fireproof Your Marriage

3 Types of Relationships That Hold You Back From God’s Best

Relationships can be a beautiful thing. Some of the benefits of a Godly relationship include: Encouragement when we need to be uplifted, Accountability when we need support, Wisdom when we need advice, but relationships can also take a toll on our well being if we are...