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4 Things to Remember When You Step Outside of God’s Will


One of the most disheartening things for me is a woman who doesn’t know her worth. Most times I can only shake my head and say a silent prayer. On other occasions, I try to get a word in, share a little bit of wisdom with them, even sharing my own personal experiences at times.

Ladies here are 4 things to remember when you step outside of God’s will.

1.  You are not a car on a parking lot for sale. Don’t let a man ‘test-drive’ you (nor you him). He’s not your husband and God designed sex to be between husband and wife. As one saying goes “stop giving your boyfriend husband privileges”.

Your body is God’s temple; the place where the Holy Spirit dwells (if you are a Christian). Paul says that all other sins are outside of the body but sexual sin is against it (1 Corinthians 6:18).

If you have to give it up to keep him and compromise your values…Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship with him as well as your relationship with God. Which relationship has priority in your life? Don’t sell yourself short. Know your worth!

2. Red flags are there for a reason…don’t ignore them. They are God’s way of protecting you from something you can’t see. If God does not approve of your relationship, believe you me – He will let you know. You just have to listen and act accordingly.

Don’t accept lying and cheating as a part of a relationship. Sometimes we are so caught up in him that we are blinded by love. Accept nothing less than honesty and commitment. Know your worth!

3. Please leave the married man alone… he’s not yours! Separated is still married.

God’s word is clear about adultery. It is so serious that there was a time when women were put to death because of it. Vows made before God are no joking matter and you’re messing with that. Why do you want a man who can only give you SOME of his time; a few hours a day maybe while sneaking around?

Why settle for the broken promises since his allegiance is to his wife?

Oh right…you don’t want a commitment right now so this works for you? Come on girl, want more for yourself. Know your worth!

4. Beware of the man who’s willing to go to church and become a Christian just so that YOU can be comfortable in the relationship. This is dangerous and has the potential to backfire since he has no solid spiritual foundation.

As he becomes relaxed in the relationship, there is the strong possibility that he may revert to his old ways and where will that leave you? Where would that leave the relationship? Wait on God for the Godly man He’s preparing for you and you for him.

Remember Psalm 127:1 “except the Lord builds a house, they labour in vain who build it”.

Don’t rush. Know your worth!

Be blessed today.

Simone Williams

Simone Williams

Simone is a high-school teacher who loves reading especially the Bible and spending time in prayer.
Simone Williams
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